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  • Latitude-Longitude Tray - Custom Location

    Please tell us the Location you'd like represented, and if there's a specific address for the latitude/longitude.

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    This includes 1 Tray and 1 Custom Location Insert with your choice of embellishment and latitude/longitude.

    Our custom trays feature the unique ability to change out your decor, simply by changing the acrylic insert.  All of our tray designs are interchangeable.  Once you have a tray, you can simply buy new insert designs.  These make Great Gifts since you can give new inserts  for any occasion.

    Trays feature:

    • Interchangeable acrylic designs (11.5" x 15.5")
    • Solid wood, custom tray (~13" x 17" total size)
    • Boat Cleat Handles
    • Large enough to hold a standard size dinner plate
    • Easy to clean with mild soap & water
    • Easy storage

    Note: Acrylic inserts are not trivets/hot plates. Do not place in dishwasher.