• State or Location - 4x4

    Please specify the state, island, location, etc. you would like represented along with a word. Not all locations are available in this design. We'll contact you with any questions.

    This 4x4 little cutie features a state or location of your choice plus a word!  One of our best sellers - these make great gifts and souvenirs.  They're handpainted on a 4x4 panel that can hang or sit.

    If you've ever taken a trip somewhere amazing and wanted to have a little momento, this is a great way to customize a piece for yourself.  Maybe there's an island you love?  Or like us, maybe you love Maine!

    We do our best to accommodate customization, but please note, not all locations will work due to size limitations.  We'll contact you with any questions.

    Handcrafted in Maine.